Spray Tans - Before & After

Follow these instructions before/after to maximise your new tan!

Before your tan

• Exfoliate! Use a body scrub to lightly exfoliate away any dead skin the day before your tan.

• Arrive in loose clothing, tight clothing can cause a rub off of solution afterwards.

• Do not wear perfume, deodorant or body moisturisers to your appointment. This will cause the tan to not adhere correctly.

• Remove makeup if you wish to have your face tanned (we do provide makeup remover in salon).



Before your first shower:
• DO NOT rub or touch the tan
• DO NOT wear tight clothing
• DO NOT exercise or do anything that causes sweating
• DO NOT apply deodorants or perfumes
• DO NOT do any type of repetitive movement
• DO NOT get any water on your tan until your ready to wash it off

A few things to try and avoid to prolong your spray tan:
• Long hot showers or baths
• Exfoliating or shaving
• Waxing
• Harsh soap; use a gentle soap free body wash instead
• Excessive swimming

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