We offer both spray tans and sunbeds, for that golden glow!

Need to be tanned for that event, night out, wedding or just because? A spray tan is no longer a luxury... it's a must! In 15-minutes you can have a gorgeous natural-looking tan lasting 7 days. As they say "fake it until you make it!"

Thinking or something a little more longer lasting? Sunbeds are great (dependant on your skin type) if you have a bit more time and want a natural, longer lasting tan.

Spray Tans

Full Body Spray Tan
Let's face it - the biggest fear we all have before a spray tan is "WILL I GO ORANGE OR PATCHY!??" - and at Body Liqueur the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! We've tried every spray tan solution under the sun in recent years. After much trial and error - we stick with B.Gorgeous products - because they simply are a superior natural-looking, spray tan!
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Half Body Spray Tan
Just the legs or as requested.


Casual Sunbed
Many of our clients like to get a pre-tan as natural protection to sun exposure, so that when summer arrives - or when a winter holiday in the islands is planned - they already have a healthy glow and a natural slight resilience to the sun.

Our modern Luxura X10 sunbed are designed to allow clients complete control with adjustable cooling, air con, illuminated controls, surround-sound and regularly-replaced lamps. All new clients are offered a custom tanning regime to suit their skin. We use the latest UVA & UVB technology (just like the sun) in our lamps, allowing shorter tanning times and faster results, without burning.

Important Notes
• We do not allow under 18's to use a sunbed (this is the law).
• Protective eyewear must be worn during sunbed sessions.
• Clients may only tan once every 2 days
• If you have never tanned with us before, your first session will start with a consultation - this involves completing a skin analysis (working out your skin type and tanning regime to suit you) with our staff.
• As tanning is a process, new clients cannot begin with maximum minutes so please do not expect this. Tanning the right way involves gradual incremental exposure which we will work out with you.

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